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Welcome to our plant search tool. This database contains many of the thousands of plants that we carry. There are some notable exceptions. Hundreds of new perennials come out every year and Make It Green has been a leader in making them available to you. Eventually the recent introductions will make it to our plant search tool but every year there will be a lag between our in-store plant selection and this search tool. Unfortunately this search tool can't cover everything that we will carry this year. We also carry over 100 varieties of rare and unusual evergreens and over 100 varieties of hard-to-find shrubs many of which are not in the plant search. Click on the Plant List button for a list of nearly all the woody plants (trees, shrubs and evergreens) that we have ordered or already have in stock for this coming year.

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Silver Edged Horehound *
Marrubium rotundifolium

Plant Type:  perennial
Plant Height:  6 inches
Flower Height:  8 inches
Spacing:  16 inches
Sunlight:  full sun

A fuzzy, mat forming perennial groundcover, with round, woolly sage-green leaves with silvery white edges and undersides; does...


* Indicates "special order" plant